v1.0.3 notes

Update v1.0.3 is coming out on October 19 and enhances the game with dozens of minor touches and additions.


  • Fixed slowdown on slower configurations @ Zivilsektor D33;
  • Fixed gaps between polygons and lines @ Zivilsektor D33, Tunnels and Hideout;
  • Fixed minor graphical inconsistencies on a couple of maps;
  • Added additional detail to a couple of maps, mostly in the Gangland chapter;
  • Added dozens of new spots for the Analyze function. These are mostly flavor text to help immersing oneself into the game world. Thanks to Ninjerk, Bpy6 and Deuce Traveler for providing ideas and suggestions;
  • ESC can be used to close the Help screen (Controls Sheet) now along with F1;
  • Additional improvements, tweaks & fixes.

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