v1.0.5a is Available

This update fixes a critical issue introduced by v1.0.5 as well as provides additional tweaks and bugfixes.


  • Fixed a critical issue introduced in v1.0.5 which wouldn't let players progress past the first chapter upon starting a new game.
  • Fixed incorrect assignment of sfx and music volume in the main menu.
  • Analyze function no longer shows approrimate target DC higher than max DC.
  • Gates are no longer identified as switches if the player is travelling through the dark zone.
  • Increased ambush chance from 20% to 30%.
  • Removed a redundant option in the FPS Limit submenu.


Das Geisterschiff v1.0.5a [Linux].zip 262 MB
Dec 07, 2018
Das Geisterschiff v1.0.5a [OSX].zip 260 MB
Dec 07, 2018
Das Geisterschiff v1.0.5a [Windows].zip 237 MB
Dec 07, 2018

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