Update v1.0.666 Released

Update v1.0.666 (codenamed 'Amberhell') is now available. It includes the content update as well as additional bugfixes and tweaks.


  • Fixed inability to move the cursor in the target list menu.
  • Fixed incorrect printing of remaining save points on death screen.
  • Fixed incorrect adjustment of the hit chance for explosive weapons.
  • Fixed rare z-fighting issues on certain configurations.
  • Fixed several incorrectly tagged objects @ Cargo Bay.


  • Users' systems should no longer go crazy @ Unity logo.
  • Priority of control keys has been adjusted to make controls smoother.
  • Removed 'ENEMY TURN' message and reduced the delay before 'YOUR TURN' message disappears to reduce downtime in combat.
  • Slight optimization of line rendering.
  • Slightly expanded tutorial text.
  • Slight tweaks to the player starting stats to make character growth more apparent.
  • Slight balance tweaks to enemy stats and weapons.
  • Encounter rate has been adjusted to deliver more steady results while remaining low.
  • Doubled door opening/closing animation speed to reduce downtime.
  • Removed aiming animation when desired target is not in the field of view.
  • Additional tweaks to enemy AI.


  • Added a new side quest to the Gangland chapter.
  • Added a new encounter to the Ghost Ship chapter.
  • Added an alternative ending with a small, combat-heavy dungeon.
  • Added a slight accuracy penalty to attacks made with ATTACK ram response.
  • Enemies now warn nearby units about your presence, increasing the encounter chance within a small radius.
  • Added notifications about saves before points of no return in the Ghost Ship chapter.
  • Added support for 5:4 aspect ratio.


  • Added two new tracks to the Original Soundtrack DLC.
  • Engine upgraded to v5.6.7f1.
  • Replaced old splash screen with studio logo.
  • Additional minor bugfixes, changes to text & tweaks.

Warning: in order to access new content and avoid issues such as missing events, you will need to either restart the chapter you're currently in (except for the introduction or tutorial) or consider restarting your playthrough altogether.

Thank you for your support,


Das Geisterschiff v1.0.666 [Windows].zip 280 MB
May 01, 2019
Das Geisterschiff v1.0.666 [Linux].zip 306 MB
May 01, 2019
Das Geisterschiff v1.0.666 [OSX].zip 303 MB
May 01, 2019
Das Geisterschiff Original Soundtrack [FLAC 24-bit] 742 MB
May 01, 2019
Das Geisterschiff Original Soundtrack [FLAC] 375 MB
May 01, 2019
Das Geisterschiff Original Soundtrack [MP3] 153 MB
May 01, 2019

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