Update v1.0.5 is Available

This update addresses feedback about the difficulty in second half of the game and fixes a major issue in the major (yet optional) event in the Gangland chapter.


  • Fixed buggy event in the Gangland chapter which would load the trailer and demo/beta ending screen. If you ended up encountering this issue and quit the game, simply load the savegame and re-enter that tile. Thanks to lightbane for reporting this issue.
  • Slight tweaks to the enemy stats and AI in the Ghost Ship chapter.
  • Boosted the damage from suicidal attacks of certain enemy types.
  • Tweaked the boss fight with Krutz by making him start hunting the player once he gets closer to him @ Gangland.
  • Additional tweaks and fixes.

In addition, there was a mistake on our part and Mac version of the demo has not been updated to v1.0.4a. An update has been released to address this issue.


Das Geisterschiff Demo v1.0.4a [OSX].zip 144 MB
Dec 03, 2018
Das Geisterschiff v1.0.5 [Linux].zip 262 MB
Dec 03, 2018
Das Geisterschiff v1.0.5 [OSX].zip 260 MB
Dec 03, 2018
Das Geisterschiff v1.0.5 [Windows].zip 237 MB
Dec 03, 2018

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