v1.0.4a is Available

This update fixes a critical savegame-related bug reported shortly after release.


  • Fixed incorrect loading of player data if the game was saved on another map. If you're in the middle of the mission and ended up encountering this bug, please select 'Restart Current Chapter' from the death menu by pressing SUICIDE > CONFIRM.
  • Fixed incorrect access level on the Docking Bay gate @ Junction.
  • Reduced loading time upon start of the game.

Demo version will be updated shortly.


Das Geisterschiff v1.0.4a [Linux].zip 262 MB
Nov 25, 2018
Das Geisterschiff v1.0.4a [OSX].zip 260 MB
Nov 25, 2018
Das Geisterschiff v1.0.4a [Windows].zip 237 MB
Nov 25, 2018

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