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Das Geisterschiff

Turn-based cyberpunk adventure dungeon crawler. · By Surt R.


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Update v1.0.667 Released
Changelog: Fixed minor scripting issues. Fixed missing translations on a couple of signs. Fixed a freeze during an attempt to analyze one of the bosses. Changed...
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Update v1.0.666 Released
Update v1.0.666 (codenamed ' Amberhell ') is now available. It includes the content update as well as additional bugfixes and tweaks. Bugfixes Fixed inability t...
6 files
v1.0.5a is Available
This update fixes a critical issue introduced by v1.0.5 as well as provides additional tweaks and bugfixes. Changelog: Fixed a critical issue introduced in v...
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Update v1.0.5 is Available
This update addresses feedback about the difficulty in second half of the game and fixes a major issue in the major (yet optional) event in the Gangland chapter...
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v1.0.4a is Available
This update fixes a critical savegame-related bug reported shortly after release. Changelog: Fixed incorrect loading of player data if the game was saved on ano...
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v1.0.4 notes
Another update is coming out to address the recently reported issues. It'll go live on November 14 or earlier. Changelog: Fixed incorrect reset of the game stat...
Steam Page is Live, Demos Updated to v1.0.3
At last, the long-awaited update is also available for the demo version. Feel free to check out the log here . Also, the page for the Steam version is live and...
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v1.0.3 released
After a long wait, v1.0.3 is finally out. This update provides minor enhancements, such as additional detail, various improvements to maps, new spots you can an...
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