Tutorial Demo Update

New build has been released to squash a few bugs and add a few features.

-- Tweaks and improvements to Schess' AI.
-- A few tutorial strings have been expanded.
-- Schess' bio added.
-- Additional tweaking of Schess' stats.
-- Movement speed has been normalized to allow easy tweaking.
-- Ramming has been refactored.
-- Fixed a bug where targeting system would fail if target was located behind an open or destroyed door.
-- Fixed an oversight where quick attacks wouldn't pick targets through open/destroyed doors.
-- Removed report prompts. Now they're only active when the player is inside the dark zone.
-- Implemented feedback from taking damage.
-- Received damage from enemy attacks is now reported.
-- Analyze function implemented.


[OBSOLETE] Tutorial Demo v0.3.7 45 MB
Nov 27, 2017

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