Demo is out!

Finally, a demo is out. Better late than never, eh?

This was a fun ride. Work on the demo has started right after the release of the Tutorial Demo... and it ended up taking more time than expected w/ roughly a month worth of work (12-17) scrapped after hitting the technical limits several times. That's why large levels had to be cut into smaller pieces (think Deus Ex: Invisible War or Resident Evil) and since loading times are very short, it ended up not being a problem at all -- in fact, it allowed focus on smaller setpieces built around a certain idea instead of trying to figuring out how to keep the whole mess organized. Besides, this way the build times became faster and culling doesn't take half an hour to bake anymore, which is a good sign.

There are some changes to the combat, including, but not limited to:

  • Ram responses have been fleshed out a little bit better. They're triggered when the attacker fails to ram the target. The enemies have their own responses, while the player can select one from the 4 available (Guard/Retreat/Retaliate/Attack) by pressing 5-8;
  • Robots can be 'crippled' by reducing their DC below a certain percentage, which makes them unable to move, thus letting you flee from combat easily. Which one is up to you to find out;
  • Certain enemies are slower now, which allows the player to run away easier. Their stats have been adjusted accordingly after listening to feedback and careful balancing to make the combat more challenging and to enforce our vision and avoid making the combat feel like trash.

The demo includes two segments from the first part of the full game and should take roughly 20 minutes to beat. Enjoy!


Demo v0.4.4 77 MB
Feb 15, 2018

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