v0.4.4p2 is out, and it's very important

New version is out. It's very recommended to download it, since it provides a final fix an unavoidable critical bug in the demo. Enjoy!

-- Tweaked the amount of ammo available to the enemies. Now enemies reload after firing a set number of shots, giving the player an extra turn to take them down or run away.
-- Expanded the weapon descriptions to give extra information about them.
-- Slightly increased the radius of landmine detection to give the player more time to release the movement key and avoid accidental contact.

-- Weapon stats have been tweaked.
-- Ruma's evasion has been reduced. A robot of this size should be way easier to hit than Schess, but the old value was still too high for this enemy type.
-- Herzog's DC, damage and weight have been toned down to give player more time to figure out the best tactic against him.

-- Fixed a few errors in the weapon descriptions.
-- Fixed several missing entity names. One could encounter this issue while analyzing certain terminals.
-- Fixed incorrect saving of certain triggers while moving between areas. Final fix for upgrade-related freezes.


Demo v0.4.4p2 77 MB
Feb 18, 2018

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