v0.4.4p3 is out w/ many improvements


-- Added "move back" function to the S and Numpad 5 key. The functionality of X/Numpad 2 remains, though.
-- Doors are shown on the minimap now to make escape routes easier to plan.
-- Added a menu to the death screen which allows you to load a savegame, restart the current map/chapter or quit the game.
-- Savepoints are now used while loading the game or restarting a chapter.
-- Added more details to the Tunnels level.
-- Notification about unapplied armor upgrades has been added to the status report.
-- Hitting the wall by accident no longer ends the turn.
-- Reloading with a full mag no longer wastes the mag and results in an end of the turn.
-- UI tweak: UNIT SETUP > WEAPON MENU > RELOAD now reloads the currently equipped weapon.
-- ESC key can be used to skip the text faster.
-- Certain strings have been slightly modified.
-- Certain upgrades are applied upon pickup now to reduce backtracking.
-- The color of doors has been changed to make them easier to see on the minimap.
-- Balance has been revised.
-- Fixed an oversight where bazooka attack sound would play twice.
-- Fixed a crash which would occur if the player saved at certain spots and loaded the game from another level.
-- Fixed improper loading of player save data if the player was located in a different level.
-- Fixed feedback effect from ramming appearing at wrong times.
-- Fixed the UI not refreshing upon applying soft upgrades.
-- Fix to a minor issue where the enemy would turn towards the next waypoint from their expected new position even if their current position hasn't changed due to obstacles/other reasons.
-- Enemy AI has been refactored.
-- Minor code optimizations.


Demo v0.4.4p3 77 MB
Feb 28, 2018

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