Another Update is Out

Another little update. This time we've focused on QoL features, visual/audio improvements and minor issues that made the experience either less pleasant (FPS affecting the text typing speed) to downright dangerous to one's eyes (rendering issues on SM2.0 hardware).


  • Shift key can be used to move faster, useful for backtracking/cleared areas while maintaining the intended pace of the game.
  • Additional visual and audio details added.
  • Added the ability to analyze certain details on the walls.
  • Doors can be damaged w/ explosives when they're open, rendering them inoperable.
  • Tweaked audio components for the enemies.
  • Removed the ability to move from level to level during combat.
  • Removed unused files from the demo.
  • Signs translated to German due to lore requirements. Try analyzing them.
  • Changed the demo ending. Now you can get a short glimpse of other areas.
  • Fixed rendering issues on SM2.0 hardware.
  • Fixed a bug where door would render cracks if it was open.
  • Fixed an issue where text typing effect would be affected by FPS. 
  • Fixed an issue where event flags wouldn't revert to the earlier state upon reload of the current map.
  • Fixed a minor inconvenience when the player's facing direction would change while travelling between levels.



Demo v0.4.7 64 MB
Apr 17, 2018

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