Upcoming Update

Due to decision to include the tutorial in the next update it has been delayed until roughly next Friday. Tutorial is currently reaching the final stages and once it goes through full testing, it'll be released along with the next update.

Current changelog for the upcoming update:

  • Maps in the demo have been replaced with the introduction from the full game to avoid common confusion that Tunnels is the actual beginning of the game;
  • Two new enemy types (Spy Drones and Carriers) added;
  • Fixed an issue where reloading a save during combat would not destroy the enemy and turn off the combat state if the save was made on the same map;
  • Fixed text typing effect glitching out in certain cases;
  • Fixed a problem where doors destroyed after the save weren't restored properly upon loading;
  • Made the intro text roll a little bit slower to make it easier to follow;
  • Loader automatically opens the title screen  after loading the base data;
  • Ram damage to the heavier entity has been slightly increased;
  • Adjusted Jurgen's AI and weight stats to make him slightly easier to kill w/ ramming attacks;
  • Additional weapon stats, text and audio tweaks.

In other news, Das Geisterschiff Original Soundtrack is out and available here: https://surt-r.itch.io/das-geisterschiff-original-soundtrack

Thanks for your interest and support.

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