After a long silence, v0.7 is out together with the tutorial...

A new update is finally out together with the promised tutorial. The Demo will be updated shortly. Meahwhile, take a look at the changelog below.

-- Tutorial added (6 levels + hub).
-- Two new enemy types added (Spy Drones & Carriers).
-- Reloading a save during combat wouldn't destroy the enemy/turn off the combat state if the save was made on the same map.
-- Doors not restoring properly upon reloading of the save if the save was made on the same map.
-- Ramming through the open doorways not damaging the target, but the door itself.
-- Attacking from higher/lower ground not affecting the target's evasion at all.
-- Landmines blocking player's aim if the target is located behind them.
-- Incorrect amount of damage caused to the entity in certain cases.
-- Ramming sound not playing when hitting a jammer.
-- Text typing effect glitching in certain cases.
-- Doors with access level higher than the player's no longer show the 'ACCESS LEVEL X REQUIRED' message. Use the ANALYZE function to check their access level now.
-- Adjusted Jurgen's AI and weight stats to make ramming a slightly easier option against him.
-- Now the main menu is loading automatically once the base data has finished loading.
-- 'ENEMY IS CRIPPLED' message no longer appears if you're far away from the enemy.
-- Slightly increased ram damage to the heavier entity.
-- Slight tweaking of weapon and enemy stats.
-- Cut down the access card pickup messages.
-- Text roll in the intro is slower now.
-- Additional text and audio tweaks.

Hope you'll find the game more enjoyable with these improvements. Enjoy!


Das Geisterschiff Beta 0.7.0 133 MB
Jul 21, 2018

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