Another day, another patch...

Another bunch of additions, improvements and fixes. Without further ado, let's get to the changelog:

  • Added a visual feedback effect triggered by hitting an enemy;
  • Added a few short videos to the main menu to give you a glimpse of areas in the game;
  • Trying to USE enemies or other things that aren't doors/switches/landmines/bare walls no longer ends turns;
  • Fixed screen lines not turning on and off properly in certain cases;
  • Speedup to reticle animations to make the combat flow faster;
  • Reduced duration of status messages;
  • Rebalanced the Combat, Ramming, Workshop and Practice tutorial stages;
  • Ruma's evasion has been reduced even more;
  • Minor change to the 'critical hit'. If the target evades the missed shot, the chance of both ending up in the 'same spot' has been reduced to 20% (from 25%) and damage spread has been changed to 50-200% from 80-200%.

The demo will be updated shortly. Enjoy and don't forget to leave feedback!


Das Geisterschiff Beta 0.7.1 157 MB
Aug 03, 2018

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Sieht gut aus! Aber stell das nicht umsonst rein. Ein paar Euro kann man immer verlangen.  Nur weil indie bedeutet nicht, dass das wertlos ist.  Meistens ist eher das Gegenteil der Fall. ;-)

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Thanks for the kind words! Hope I got the message just right w/ my terrible German skills. :D

The game itself is planned as commercial, but since the demo soundtrack was put as means to give something back to those who have donated before the beta was out, this remained as 'pay what you want' with beta accessible if you pay the planned full price. I might do some changes to make the page less confusing in the nearest future and place the demo soundtrack on a separate page. :)

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lol, I thought you are German because of the game name. Nevermind, just said its looks good and that you should take money for that. You made the music as well I see, good stuff, what software do you use for that? Anyway I gave it a try and its cool, but I like turn based games and dungeon crawler game so I´m a bit baised. The german word for shoot is "schiess" its spelled "schess" in your game if you want to correct that.  Why did you use all these german words? lol

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Not really, but my brother was born and raised in Germany, so I guess I'm pretty close to that, haha.

I used FL Studio to do all of the ingame music, some of the most common VSTs used were NI Massive, various free VSTs from DSK and whatever weird sounds I could find that could be repurposed as a percussion (e.g. sounds of trains).

As for that little robot, 'Schess' is just a German transliteration of 'Shess', the username of a person I worked with a few years ago and this started as an in-joke after a few beers (think Scorpia in M&M3 but without any bad blood involved). 

The game uses a few German and Japanese mostly as means to mark the territory of the particular corporation (Eberbach uses German, while Bright uses English or Japanese). But if you're talking about the title, then it's a bit funnier -- an acquaintance from Japan once told me that 'Japanese creators use German language because it sounds exotic to them', and this kinda surfaced when I couldn't pick a good title for a game, and I like how German language sounds, so I decided to go for it.

Thank you for the kind words and I'm glad you like it. I also enjoy turn-based games and dungeon crawlers, so it's a pleasure to talk to you. :)