Upcoming Changes to the Store Page

Greetings everyone,

The following changes will be made to the game page on Itch in the following days:

  • The game will change its pricing to 'Paid' with the beta and free demo files staying intact;
  • Demo Soundtrack will be moved to a separate page and those who own a copy of it will get a download key;
  • Demo Soundtrack will also be attached as a bonus to the game for the sake of convenience.

This is done to avoid confusion related to 'pay what you want' pricing chosen when only the demo was available and demo soundtrack was provided as a reward, which led to certain users believing that the full game is going to be free.

Thank you for following the project and sticking with us.

P.S. The demo has been updated to the latest version, so feel free to grab it and check out the latest improvements.


Das Geisterschiff Demo 0.7.1 108 MB
Aug 03, 2018

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