v1.0.1 update notes

v1.0.1 is coming out this Friday. The changes will affect the demo as well as the full game.

You may want to restart the Gangland chapter to make these changes work as intended.


  • Added the ability to toggle running by pressing CAPS LOCK;
  • Added a few upgrades to the Upper Level;
  • Added the ability to do emergency repairs at the workshops if your DC is below 32;
  • Added a few hints to the dialogue to make the navigation and gameplay more manageable;
  • Reduced the addition to the encounter chance while running;
  • Crippled enemies now also get a penalty to their accuracy;
  • Toned down the encounters in the Gangland chapter;
  • Expanded the tutorial text to provide clear information on how distance and position relative to the target affect the attacks;
  • Fixed stats not resetting properly upon starting the new game (thanks to Strange Fellow for reporting this);
  • Fixed buggy results upon pressing 'Restart Chapter' in the tutorial;
  • Fixed inaccessible armor upgrade @ Zivilsektor D33;
  • Fixed bad formatting and typos in a couple of strings.

Thanks for your feedback!

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