v1.0.2 update notes

Hey hey there, we hope you had a nice weekend and enjoyed the game.

We've spent the weekend relaxing and tweaking the game to fix the remaining issues, tweak the gameplay and polish the game to the point when it becomes even more enjoyable. Here's the changelog for v1.0.2 update:

  • Changed the way rolls work in the game, which makes the combat feel a lot less unpredictable and random;
  • Adjusted enemy stats and encounters to take the changes to rolls into account;
  • Slightly increased the range at which landmines are detected;
  • Implemented additional precautions to avoid floating point precision errors in save data;
  • Renamed Eberbach Enforcers to Jaegers to fix the naming inconsistency;
  • Removed 'Transferring to %AREA_NAME%' message;
  • Removed two unused tracks to avoid bloating the build;
  • Removed an obsolete data archive;
  • Fixed incorrectly assigned 'textures' on one of the walls @ Tunnels;
  • Fixed missing audio reverb zone @ Fortress BF1;
  • Fixed a small oversight which could start ramping up the encounter chance whenever you passed through certain areas;
  • Fixed a rare issue where switches wouldn't set the connected object to desired state if multiple switches were assigned to the same object (e.g. Fortress BF1);
  • Fixed a rare issue where certain objects would sometimes not set to the desired state upon loading the game;
  • Fixed a minor issue where landmines had a slightly different color inside the Hideout;
  • Fixed remaining issues in the Death Screen menu which could lead to buggy results upon loading the game (for example, if you decided to restart the chapter and then selected the 'Retry Current Map' option after dying);
  • Possible fix to rare freezes on Linux upon loading the base data (stuck on 'LOADING LINE DATABASE' message);
  • Additional tweaks and fixes.

We will roll out the update next week with an approximate ETA @ Wednesday.

Have a nice weekend!

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